Our Quality Story

DrVita takes pride in providing the highest quality products.

Our manufacturing meets or exceeds the standards required in current Good Manufacturing Practices. By demanding only the topmost excellence, our manufacturing team strives to set the bar for nutritional supplement standards.


State of the Art Manufacturing Facility Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. DrVita is committed to the highest standards in quality.

We test every batch of the product we manufacture so what is on the label is exactly what goes into your body.









Million dollar German-made BOSCH machines ensure that DrVita has the BEST quality on the market. 
These advanced machines give us a level of quality control that is 10x greater than our competitors.


Quality Raw Materials = a Quality Vitamin.



DrVita only works with trusted raw material suppliers who supply us with all necessary paperwork, testing data and research and meet not only the governments GMP standards but also our much more stringent standards. We don't stop there, we test all of our partners raw materials in our own in-house lab.


Using these state of the art machines requires exceptional talent.

DrVita has over 120 years of combined vitamin experience. Our scientists & formulators have a long history of producing the top quality vitamins that have been used for decades in the United States.



Inspect What you Expect

DrVita has over 90 quality control checks in place.

From the receipt of raw materials, formulations, blending, encapsulating & packaging.

  • We never stop caring about quality.
  • State of the art equipment
  • Supervised by highly experienced personnel

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