• 1980 - 1993: The Beginning

    Wayne gains passion for nutrition because of grandparents ailing health, he develops a nutrition plan that benefits his family. Spent countless hours and years in medical school libraries studying diseases and how to prevent and reverse ailments naturally.

  • 1993 - 1994: The Business

    Founded Vitacost.com, majority shareholder, Chairman & CEO with the aim to develop an effective multivitamin utilizing the right forms, strengths and ingredients based upon the most recent science.

  • 1994 - 2009: The Success

    From 1994 to 2009, Vitacost grows at 1,000% every five years and earned INC 500 five years in a row and earned INC 500 Hall of Fame (one of only about 90 companies).

  • Thru 2004: The Veterans

    Through 2004, Wayne partnered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center in Chicago, Wayne funded and provided the products on a patented Vision Formulation. The study proved macular degeneration could be improved with supplements.

  • Sep 2009: The IPO

    NASDAQ IPO successful at $320 million valuation. After IPO, Wayne retired from Vitacost. Wayne formulated about 900 products and Vitacost grew to a customer base of one million active customers with three million orders per year.

  • 2011: The Next Chapter

    Launch of DrVita, Inc. to create more powerful formulas based on the latest science using superior nutraceutical manufacturing.

  • Now: The Future

    DrVita now offers brands Nature’s Lab, NSI, and REMO animal supplements. DrVita has the ability to make 23 million capsules every 24 hours. Eva Nutra, the contract manufacturing and private label division, offers a suite of services to customers interested in offering high quality supplements to their consumers.