The Paleo Diet Explained [Infographic]

The Paleo Diet Explained [Infographic]

Did you know that 66% of Americans today are overweight and 33% are obese? How did this happen?

Over the years, the average American diet has become more and more saturated with sugars, processed foods, and grains. This is a far cry from the daily eating habits of our ancient ancestor, the homosapien. The problem here lies in the fact that our bodies never adjusted properly to the evolving agrarian diet. This is why it is so important to consider what you eat in order to best support your body and live a healthy life.

Vitamins and health supplements are designed to go alongside healthy diet and lifestyle to create an optimal health regimen. Superfood supplements like Nature’s Lab Organic Coconut Oil or Organic Chia Seeds are also used in this way to boost overall health. But when it comes to what diet to choose, DrVita knows that the many choices can be overwhelming. This is why we have put the following graphic together to tell you about one of our favorites: the paleo diet. The paleo diet aims to return to the eating habits that we are biologically designed to thrive on, allowing us to tap into our genetic potential and start living healthier lives. Learn more about it here:


Paleo Diet in a nutshell infographic

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