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    Backed by the best formulations guided by the latest scientific research and discoveries, and manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, NV, DrVita provides the best supplements to support healthy living, with an Ethical Direct Sales™ approach that cuts out huge retail middle men and compensates our own Wellness Advocates. Learn what it takes to become a Wellness Advocate, and how it could benefit you.

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What Is Ethical Direct Sales™?

We believe we have the best products available today: modern products backed by the latest science and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility right here in the USA, with over 90 quality control checks in place to provide absolutely premium quality. But we didn't want to have to charge typical premium prices, with huge markups going to giant big box retailers and other middle men.

DrVita is proud to introduce Ethical Direct Sales™ – finally, a way to purchase top quality products directly from the manufacturer, and a way to help introduce your health-conscious friends and family members to these products. Ours is a very personal business, built on honesty, knowledge, quality, and an ethical approach to direct sales that allows for all the benefits to consumers without shady, questionable business practices hanging over everything. Bottom line: we believe in our products. We think you will too, and we are proud to offer our Wellness Advocates with a great way to share health, while earning income. For more information, please visit our Video Library for more information.

Our Products

Everything You Need for Healthy Living

Vitamins and Supplements

DrVita vitamins are specifically formulated based on the latest in nutritional science. We believe that everyone needs a high quality Multivitamin and Fish Oil as a base, and we have also developed condition specific vitamins that address different health concerns.
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Essential Oils

DrVita believes in being healthy both on the inside and on the outside. Our high quality Essential Oils are designed to soothe, relax, and enhance the quality of life. From 100% pure single essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and more to our special blends specifically created for our Wellness Advocates' specific needs.
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Food & Diet

DrVita has develop a break-through in healthy weight management. Finally, a natural solution to help in either your weight loss goals or improving your overall diet and exercise regimen. SLIMshake is a healthy meal replacement with 20 grams of protein built with all natural flavors.
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Wellness Kits

DrVita kits are a great way to experience our products and start your own Healthy Revolution with your team. Kits are built to ensure our Wellness Advocates have the products & tools necessary to spread the good news about healthy living. Plus, kits are priced with an additional discount versus buying the products individually.
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DrVita Six Daily Multivitamin DrVita Ultra Omega-3 DrVita Slim Shake DrVita Sleep Essentials
  • Five days after taking the DrVita Six Daily multivitamins and fish oil, I felt a huge difference in my energy, sleep and general well-being. I’m hooked!

    John Payne of Asia featuring John Payne - DrVita Wellness Advocate

  • When I visited DrVita's Las Vegas manufacturing location, I was impressed by the science behind the formulas as well as the manufacturing process.

    Steve Seroka, Retired USAF Colonel - DrVita Wellness Advocate

  • After a few weeks of feeling consistently better, I could only attribute it to taking these vitamins.

    Mary Wong, EVP for an Aerospace Defense company - DrVita Wellness Advocate

Manufactured in the USA

Relentless Quality with over 90 Quality Control Checks

American Quality, American Jobs

We own, operate, and fully control our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Las Vegas, NV. A key tenet of Ethical Direct Sales™ is having complete control over our products, from the formulations to absolute quality control with over 90 quality control checks: we test every batch of the product we manufacture so what is on the label is exactly what goes into your body. From the receipt of raw materials, formulations, blending, encapsulating & packaging. We never stop caring about quality. Our manufacturing meets or exceeds the standards required in current Good Manufacturing Practices and has been awarded NSF Certification for excellence. By demanding only the topmost excellence, our manufacturing team strives to set the bar for nutritional supplement standards.

The latest and most advanced state-of-the-art Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) for heavy metal detection to ensure that our products contain what's on the label--with no unwelcome surprises.

Consumers are increasingly aware that heavy metals and other toxins can pose grave health risks, so we've invested in the best technology for analyzing raw materials and finished products. recently tested thousands of dietary supplements made by hundreds of manufacturers and found quality problems in a large percentage of them, including contamination with heavy metals. Rather than risk recall when someone else finds issue with a product, we're able to verify levels of heavy metals long before products hit store shelves.

Very slow rotating homogeneous blend process at slow speeds means uniform, gentle blending without destruction of granulates.

The high efficiency of the Bohle blending systems is based on the revolutionary and patented counter-current process principle. A lifting column enables adjustable height, ensuring fast and dust-free filling, blending, and discharge so all materials are contained throughout the process.

We have a range of brand new German engineered Bosch machines, with an average age of just two years. This includes four of the fastest and best quality encapsulators ever made in all of North America for speedy, reliable high quality production.

The Bosch GKF Capsylon is designed and built according to the latest GMP standards for nutraceutical companies, including quick and effective cleaning processes and economic parts handling. This provides an excellent cost-per-performance ratio without compromising on quality.

All of the air that circulates through DrVitaLabs passes through a bank of HEPA filters which removes 99.9% of airborne particulates. Although not required by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), this extra layer of quality control ensures that absolutely every supplement we produce meets our own incredibly high standards for quality.

In addition to maintaining a clean room environment, we perform multi-stage high-efficiency particulate absorption filtering to keep out mold, spores, dust mite debris, dusting aids, and many other contaminants including bacteria, droplet nuclei, smoke and insecticide dust, face powder, and paint pigments. We use the same efficiency rating commonly seen in hospital and general surgery settings.

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