DrVita Six Daily & Triple Strength Omega-3 Bundle
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DrVita Six Daily & Triple Strength Omega-3 Bundle

DrVita's #1 Bundle | Item No. DRV90080

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You Call That a MultiVitamin?

Most Brands only give us useless “pixie dust” amounts of the most crucial nutrients.

DrVita’s Six Daily Advanced Multivitamin gives you over 90 powerful nutrients and saves you money!

Why choke on a rock-hard,
chemically filled multivitamin?

DrVita’s Capsules Are Easy To Digest

DrVita Six Daily Advanced Multivitamin is easy to digest and gentle for sensative stomachs. We use a all natural capsule form using “ultrasorb technology” for faster dissolving preferred by customers over difficult to swallow rock hard tablets.

I take the DrVita Multivitamin every day and my energy levels, immune health and overall fitness have never been better. My job as a pilot demands excellent health for the safety of my passengers and the DrVita supplements I take are a major part of my never missing work as well as being alert over multiple time zones and very long days. I highly recommend the DrVita brand for anyone desiring a stronger immune system and increased energy. - David A. Coffman,
United States Air Force Lt. Colonel Retired, F-16 Fighter Pilot and
Thunderbird Pilot Instructor, Mentor Pilot Embraer Phenom 100/300

Gluten Free

DrVita Six Daily provides your body with over 90 essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, fermented whole foods, herbs and other powerful nutrients to promote anti-aging, healthy energy production, good cardiovascular support and immunity.

These nutrients include effective dosages of alpha lipoic acid, magnesium, B-complex and CoQ10 for healthy energy production, standardized green tea equivalent to five cups of tea to protect cells from damaging free radicals and resveratrol found in red wine that are missing entirely in most multi formulations. Six Daily also contains 10X higher levels of vitamin D3 when compared to others based on recent studies, showing this is the amount required for optimal blood levels to promote healthy bones, cellular health and immunity.

DrVita Scientists are Proud to Include:

  • The active methyl form of vitamin B12 - a safe and effective dosage that is over 80X higher than typical multi's. (Most other companies use the poorly absorbed cyanide form of B12)

The highest quality standard for potent ingredients such as:

  • OptiZinc® for immunity
  • Curcumin C3® Complex for healthy inflammatory response
  • ResveraPure® for healthy cells
  • Lutemax® for healthy vision
  • Bioperine® for enhanced absorption
  • ChromeMate® for healthy blood sugar
  • Selenomax® a special form of organic selenium for healthy cells and immunity
Five days after taking the DrVita Six daily multivitamins and fish oil, I felt a huge difference in my energy, sleep and general well-being I'm hooked! - John Payne of Asia 

No Genetically Modified Organisms

We work with only the best suppliers when sourcing our raw materials for inclusion in our vitamins, but even so we make a point to test everything that goes into our vitamins so that we can be absolutely sure that what is on the label is what is in the bottle, with no surprises. Whenever possible, we strive to include 100% GMO Free ingredients in our products, and DrVita Six Daily is guaranteed GMO Free, verified through our intensive internal testing processes.

DrVita Triple Fish Oil provides essential EPA and DHA per serving for maximum cardio protection, healthy mood, and restoring health fatty acid balance.† 


Most people have an unhealthy N-6 -- N-3 fatty acid ratio -- the average diet takes in too much saturated N-6 animal fats and not enough Omega-3 fatty acids.†  Balance out your fatty acid intake to optimal levels with DrVita Triple Fish Oil -- it contains a healthy 325 mg dose of Omega-3 EPA and 325 mg of Omega-3 DHA in a single softgel serving.

Why is supplementing with EPA and DHA so essential to health? The ability to make EPA declines with age and DHA is made from EPA - so the ability to make DHA is really impaired. The answer is -- supplement with DrVita Triple Fish Oil to restore your EPA and DHA to healthy levels directly!†  

DrVita Triple Fish Oil is sourced from small species wild caught sustainable fish such as sardines and anchovies, then purified by molecular distillation to remove dioxin, PCB's and mercury which are all found in fish. Safely restore your optimal N-6 -N-3 fatty acid ratio and your healthy EPA and DHA levels all in a single softgel serving!†  

Most people do not eat enough fatty fish to get enough EPA and DHA and they usually don't eat enough flaxseed, walnuts or soybeans to provide the building blocks to make these two essential fatty acids in the first place.†  

Taking one softgel per day of DrVita Triple Fish Oil solves this dietary imbalance.†  


Ingredients/Supplemental Facts

Suggested Use


Serving Size: 1 Softgels
Servings Per Container: 180


Serving Size: 6 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food or Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The DrVita Difference

Quality Control You Can Trust

Our manufacturing meets or exceeds the standards required in current Good Manufacturing Practices. By demanding only the topmost excellence, our manufacturing team strives to set the bar for nutritional supplement standards.

Made In the USA

Brand New State of the Art Manufacturing Facility Located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Advanced machines that give us a level of quality control that is 10x greater than our competitors.

Quality Raw Materials = A Quality Vitamin.

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Backed by the best formulations guided by the latest scientific research and discoveries, and manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, NV, DrVita provides the best vitamins and supplements to support healthy living.

All of this at direct-from-the-manufacturer prices, with additional savings when you take advantage of our convenient DrVita Healthy Deliveries™ program, available on select products.

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