REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula
REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula

REMO HRS Equine Joint Formula

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20 Servings!

Humans, we're not horsing around, there's a new pet vitamin for your finest equine! We're chomping at the bit to tell you all about REMO Pet® HRS Joint Formula Complex. This dietary supplement provides key nutrients beneficial to joint, bone and cartilage health.* This advanced formula includes ingredients lacking in typical horse food formulas, including manganese for bone health as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for cartilage health.* This complex is also formulated with patented OptiMSM®, a premium form of MSM that is quadruple distilled for purity to support bone and joint health.* Trot  don't walk! – and try REMO Pet® HRS Joint Formula today!


Key Benefits:
  • Supports Healthy Bones*
  • Supports Cartilage & Joint Health*
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • GMO Free



Manganese helps our favorite equines metabolize protein and carbohydrates to make fatty acids. Manganese is an important part of many enzymes and helps support the maintenance of joint and cartilage health.* Sure, hay is for horses, but this stable-staple lacks this important nutrient, so supplementing with a manganese fortified supplement can help keep bones happy and healthy.*

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound that helps support cartilage health.* However, with natural aging, the production of glucosamine slows down. Supplementing with glucosamine may help improve mobility and range of motion for stiff joints to keep your horse jumping with unbridled enthusiasm.*

Chondroitin is a constituent of connective tissues and is found naturally in bone and cartilage. Chondroitin is difficult to obtain through the typical. Chondroitin is often paired with its precursor, glucosamine, to promote joint health and help your equine overcome hurdles associated with natural synovial fluid and cartilage loss.*

OptiMSM®, or methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring, organic sulfur-containing compound that supports joint health.* MSM is a key component of most glycosaminoglycans and cartilage as well as other connective tissues.* This formula utilizes patented OptiMSM®, a premium trademarked form of MSM certified for quality and consistency.

Feeding Directions

As a dietary supplement, feed horses based on the instructions included below based on body weight. Give recommended number of scoops daily. Mix this supplement with food. This product is intended for intermittent supplemental feeding only.

Under 600 lbs:
1 scoop

600 - 1200 lbs:
​1-2 scoops

Over 1200 lbs:
2 scoops

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