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Survival & Emergency Prep

Here is a closing warning to all my readers and fans- straight from my heart (and gut instincts).

I believe the storm of a lifetime is coming to our shores.

How bad could it get over the coming months or years? No one can answer that. But it’s time to prepare for the worst case scenario. As one of my favorite sayings goes, “Always expect the best, but prepare for the worst.”

It’s time to start preparing, or you’ll wind up in line waiting for food, water and protection from the government, with the rest of the masses of helpless, unprepared citizens. You and I know in our heart that protection will come late, be insufficient when it comes, or never come at all. Ask the people of New Orleans how quickly help came after Hurricane Katrina. Ask the people of Philippines how quickly help came after typhoon Haiyan. Ask the people of Thailand how quickly help came after the massive tsunami.

So it’s time to prepare for worst case scenarios. This mindset could save your family’s life.



Order the survival supplies you need and store them in a safe place, so they are ready to use when you need them. I personally recommend you buy a minimum of two years supply of freeze dried food that lasts up to 30 years for every family member, a minimum of 1,500 calories per person per day. It is important to buy several survival stoves to boil water and cook food. It is also a good idea to buy GMO FREE seeds in long-term storage containers.

I also recommend you purchase several water filters that can remove harmful organisms from thousands of gallons of water. It is also important to stock up on solar recharging panels and devices for batteries along with rechargeable batteries. Emergency LED lighting, communication devices and radios are very important.  

And if you purchase from my favorite company and use 

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You cannot survive without clean water, food, protection, light and communications. Further, these are items you can use for barter, as your credit cards, checks and cash could become worthless in a serious or prolonged crisis. This common sense strategy could be the difference between life and death.




Wayne Allyn Root

has been branded by media across the globe as “the Capitalist Evangelist.” A former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Wayne is a fierce, enthusiastic and relentless defender of Reagan conservatism, Libertarianism, economic freedom and capitalism.

He is both a political and business personality in the national media. He is known for his fiery personality and unmatched levels of energy. On the political side, Wayne is a lifelong Republican-conservative firebrand, Fox News regular, and political commentator on hundreds of conservative talk radio stations.

Wayne is the author of three national best-selling conservative books- including the #1 bestseller in bookstores “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.” His other hit political books include, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” “Millionaire Republican,” and “The Conscience of a Libertarian.”

He is also one of the most popular syndicated columnists in the conservative world- with millions of readers at sites like FoxNews, TheBlaze, TownHall, Breitbart, PersonalLiberty and DailyCaller. His columns often appear at The Washington Times.

Wayne was not only on the Libertarian Presidential ticket in 2008, but the elected Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee and a twice- elected member of the Libertarian National Committee. Today he serves as Chairman of the National Campaign Committee for the Republican Liberty Caucus.

On the business side, Wayne is one of a kind. Most businessmen go by the standard titles “Chairman, CEO or President.” Wayne prefers “CRPE”- standing for Chief Rainmaker and Pitchman Extraordinaire…“CE” standing for Capitalist Evangelist…and “HEB” standing for Human Energizer Bunny.

His new business and personal development book is entitled, “The Power of RELENTLESS.” You can feel Wayne’s energy and intensity in every page.

Wayne is a high-profile CEO, serial entrepreneur, international business speaker, spokesman for many national and international companies, TV personality, media dynamo, and former anchorman and host for Financial News Network (now known as CNBC).

“Mr. RELENTLESS” has achieved success in business, politics, entertainment, sports, gaming, publishing and television production. Wayne has created, produced and sold three TV series in Hollywood.

Wayne never stops moving. He is in motion 24/7/365 days per year. He is quite simply…RELENTLESS!

Wayne is a graduate of Columbia University, Class of ’83- along with his classmate President Barack Obama. Wayne resides in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada- a place with zero state income tax, zero business income tax, zero capital gains tax, zero inheritance tax and the 9th lowest property taxes in America.

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