DIY Vitamin Sea Salt Texture Spray with Lavender & Rosemary

DIY Vitamin Sea Salt Texture Spray with Lavender & Rosemary

Can’t escape the office for a day at the beach? Do long Summer days have you dreaming of some Vitamin Sea? Try this texturizing spray and bring the ocean to you- or, to your hair, at the very least. We combine mineral-rich sea salt with nourishing essential oils, such as lavender for its relaxing scent and rosemary for stimulating hair growth, to create perfectly textured beachy waves all Summer long.

What you'll need

What You’ll Need:

To Make: Heat water over the stove until it reaches near boiling. Add the sea salt and stir until dissolved before letting water cool to room temperature. Transfer to glass spray bottle, and add the essential oils.


To Use: Shake vigorously prior to use. Spray generously throughout damp hair and scrunch with fingers to create perfect beachy waves. Allow to dry and style as usual. Use generously as needed and allow dreams of the beach to ensue. 

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